PT. Randhoetatah Cemerlang since 2012 has developed itself in the field of quality polypropylene (PP) plastic bags in various sizes for the packaging of agricultural, plantation and other industrial products. We are still new to packaging woven bag (PP polypropylene sack), but we keep trying to develop ourselves to be a trusted private woven bag company in Indonesia.

The steps we undertake by maintaining the commitment to always maintain quality, delivery schedule accuracy, technical support to customers and always make innovations or development in improving the effectiveness of the sacks we produce. With the rapid growth in the plastic packaging industry and with the intense competition, we are equipped with a group of highly skilled and highly conscious human resources of our end product.

In any prospective business situation, market penetration is the most important factor, we are confident with good product quality, competitive price and timely delivery, we can provide our customers' satisfaction at any time. We also join GIATPI (Association of Indonesian Plastic Weaving Products) to find out information and developments of plastics industry in Indonesia.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management we would like to acknowledge the support of all parties to us